U.S. Survival AR-7

portable ar gun

NEver leave Civilization without one

Designed for U.S. Air Force pilots, this small-caliber AR is the most unique and portable AR on the market. The Survival AR-7 would fit well in your bag as you backpack in the back country and need a rifle to get you a rabbit without having to haul around a full-size rifle. This rifle is chamered in .22 long and so no worries on carrying heavy ammunition around with you.

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Weekender 2.0

Weekender 2.0

Time to upgrade to a cool Weekender Bag

Built here in the USA, this Weekender bag is going to catch the attention of many. The Weekender 2.0 is a canvas fabric and is designed to look and feel like they did back in the 1837 — you’ll notice the high attention to workmanship and detail. One of the coolest features of this bag is the interior, which is features a fire retardant and waterproof lining.

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Tactical Scenario Vest

Tactical Scenario Vest

The “Don’t mess with me” vest

This one-size-fits-most vest is great for shooting at the range and perfect for the paintball course. Equipped with law enforcement grade velcro, straps and buckle systems shows that this vest can hold up to even the most extreme conditions. Stay cool in the summer with the mesh ventilation design to keep you from overheating while holding all of your gear. Now the real question…do you have enough gear to fill all of the pockets?

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the unit Nixon watch

The only Watch you Need

When you’re at the gun range you shouldn’t be worried about the time — But if you need a watch to show others the seriousness of matching the sport to wrist, The Unit is your watch. Featuring a custom digital interface with dual time, timer, chrono, alarm and light. Don’t miss the temperature gauge, so no matter how fast you’re shooting, you’ll always know the temp.

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MiniVault Gun Safe

The coolest Gun Safe…Ever.

This 15 user gun safe is equipped  with a bio fingerprint scanner to give you access to your firearms. This high-tech gun vault is protected on the outside by 16-gauge steel while still protecting your gun on the inside with soft foam on the inside protects valuables.

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iphone case

The most rugged iPhone Case

Looking for an iPhone case that meets or exceeds US/UK military standards? Drop this phone in the mud, get it wet and while you’re at it, make a phone call. Griffin says “Simply put, the Griffin Extreme Duty Case is the most protective case we’ve ever built.”

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